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Transformation is Possible! Your Dynamic Body is Possible!

Optimal Health is not only Possible;


- Reclaim your body

- Reclaim your power

- Reclaim your health

Are you ready to claim it?

The battle of the bulge is putting it mildly; for me it was an all out war! I had been yo-yo dieting and losing the same weight for 30 years. I went up and down, starving myself then binging because of the depravation.


There was no in between for me. I either looked good or I looked terrible; even worse I felt terrible and depressed. I was ashamed about my body and my lack of control over it. My ideal weight was something I continually sought, but something that continually eluded me. I had spent years working hard healing my mind and my Soul, but my body was just something I couldn't quite get a handle on.


Working as a healer it bothered me that here I was helping others to heal, yet clearly with 50 pounds of extra fat there was something in me that yet remained unhealed. I'm not saying that everyone who is overweight needs to heal something, but this was my Truth.


I had tried every diet; I had over exercised and suffered from a variety of eating disorders. I went Vegetarian, then Vegan and even ate raw for awhile. I got injections; I counted calories, points, fat, carbs, and protein. I attended meeting and weigh-ins. I worked out for hours on end. I swallowed every new fad pill, fat burner or supplement that was marketed as working “wonders”.


At the end of all this nonsense, not only was I still fat, but now I was emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually drained on top of it. My finances suffered too, as the quest for the answer was expensive. Finally, I gave up. I resolved that as a middle-age woman this is just the way it was and would be.


Then at 49 that all changed!


The Universe led me to a Health Coach and a program that worked. I was hesitant, but somewhere deep inside I heard a “Yes” and I reluctantly tried it. It completely rocked my world! I released the unwanted fat as well as the dreadful shame that went with it. In a few short months, I was finally able to incinerate fat like crazy and achieve my goal weight.


In my 30 year dieting “career” I had NEVER reached my goal weight let alone maintain my loss. In just 3 months on this, program I not only hit my goal weight but I surpassed it!


The good news?


I did it all without starving myself or over exercising. Nor did I feel deprived. I ate pasta, mashed potatoes, bars, shakes, brownies even frozen soft serve treats.


This experience not only transformed my body but also every aspect of my life. I achieved my dynamic body and obtained optimal health. At last I made the Mind, Body and Soul connection. I hit the Trifecta!


I am now embodying my authentic self both inside and outside. For me this program was a Godsend and a miracle. I wake up every morning energized and charged up for the day. I'm wearing clothes that I would've never dreamed of wearing. I am loving and honoring my body daily.


At 50 I feel confident, powerful, strong and sexy. This energy spills out into every aspect of my being and emanates from my very core. I know all too well the pain of being obese, but more importantly I know the Joy of a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy Soul.


I am so passionate about helping others achieve their Dynamic Body and Optimal Health that I decided to add Health Coach to my services. As a healer I simply must share this program and the success it has to offer you! I want to pay it forward. It was gift for me and now I want to gift you with the Miracle.

Monique Hemingway Weight Loss Coaching
Monique Hemingway Weight Loss Coaching
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Monique Hemingway Weight Loss Coaching

My Health Coach services are at no cost to you. I am here to support you. Please CONTACT ME for further information, or take a look at HOW I DID IT!

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