May 2019 Newsletter

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day can be tough if our Mother is no longer with us or we have lost children.

My heart breaks too. My mother passed in 2011 and I miss her every day. I also have experienced several miscarriages, so I am also reminded of those losses. We always long for our departed loved ones, but please know that they do continue after physical death…just in another form.

It’s like water changing form. Water can transition from ice, to a puddle, to a fine mist.

Water in the mist state is harder to see because it is smaller particles, yet it still holds the same energetic makeup. It simply has transitioned from one state of being to another. The water is still there, but in its new form it is harder to perceive by the human eye.

Same with our loved ones (and pets too!). They transition from human form and the need for a dense body. Upon their physical death they transition to their “light body”. The light body vibrates at such a high rate that our human eyes cannot usually register it.

This is where “mediumship” comes into play.

In a mediumship reading, I can raise my vibration and “tune” into higher frequencies and higher realms of existence. I use my clair senses to feel, hear, sense, taste, smell and see subtle energies.

Think of a radio dial. Most people can tune into the vibrations on the lower end of the dial and receive the signal. I simply have the ability to tune into the higher frequencies on the other end of the quantum dial of consciousness. 😊 Loved ones who have passed from this realm, continue on in a different form. They are existing at the higher end of the dial! Love doesn’t die and neither does the connection!

They very much partake in our daily lives. If you ever had a reading with me, your loved ones in Spirit usually reference things that have happened after they passed (even if they passed decades ago). It is so comforting to hear that they know we have children, got married, changed careers etc. On the other side they are our biggest cheerleaders. They share in all the excitement, holidays, gatherings and even our heartbreaks here on Earth.

Perhaps you have sensed them around the table or in a quiet moment of contemplation?

Say "Hello", and know it is very real as is the love they hold for you still!

May your Mother’s Day be filled with Light and may your heart be blessed in ALL ways!



PS- The channel circle was a smash! We did it on May 1st, the ancient Celtic Beltane day of festivities. We received a POWERFUL message from Goddess Amrita (a benevolent Spirit I channel). She led us thru a beautiful heart balancing channel and meditation. If you want to skip my invocation she starts speaking at the 2 min mark. This message is both for men and women. It is not gender based...we just had women in the circle so she addresses them.

Click the link below to listen to the recording of the Channel/Healing Circle(You do not need a One Drive account)

Amrita's message: "Love Looks Like YOU..Heart Mirror Meditation". Loving, forgiving and coming into union with yourself.!Av7J8JlqZ1E9gZMSzgsPTUzjNP1Snw

Enjoy! I felt the healing kick in the next day! Please share your experiences with me.

I am in the process of announcing the next circle and location. I will send a separate announcement soon. I hope you can partake!


Thank you Monique for an amazing session. Every reading brings me closer to my true self and to my angels and spirit guides. Thank you for your amazing gift! Thank you for having the strength and courage to get out there to help others. You truly are a gift from God and the universe! I did not have the words to describe what you have done for me. Your healings and reading are equally significant. It’s amazing how I have figured out what I need when I need it from you!

You are beautiful, inspiring, gifted and you are my rock! You have opened my eyes and have let me see what was right in front of me the whole time.

God bless you Monique!

See you soon!


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