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Are You open to connect with Your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones and receive personal messages and answers to Your life’s most burning questions?

Activate Your Healing Transformation NOW!

It is with great joy that I serve the Light! Allow me to be the conduit to your Angels, Guides, Higher Self and Loved Ones in Spirit.

Monique Hemingway is one of Orange County’s most highly sought after Certified Psychic Medium,

 Vocal Channel, Energy Healer and Reiki Master.


With over 13 years of experience, Monique provides private sessions in her private San Clemente office in South Orange County, California.


Monique shares her gifts with thousands of people in Orange County as well as countless people all over the world helping them to connect to their Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side.


Which Session
is Right for Me?
Crystal Healing Grid with Carnelian, Orange Selenite, Quartz Crystal, Hematite, Emerald, Black Tourmaline and Moonstone.

Are You ready to to dive deeper into You? Find out whether a Psychic Reading, Energetic Healing or Channeled Message is Right for You...Right Now!

What are
Channeled Messages?
Crystal Grid Violet Flame of Transmutation with Quartz, Fuchisite, Auralite 23, Super 7, Purple Flourite

Are You curious about where Channeled Messages originate and how Monique receives them from Spirit and Your Guides and Angels or Loved Ones on the other Side?

Who is
Monique Hemingway?
Full Moon Grid with Carnelian, Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Amber, Honey Calcite, Pyrite, Barite, Onyx, Zebra Stone

How do You know if who You are entrusting Your deepest secrets, dreams and desires is someone who will love, honor and respect you as a fellow Spirit-in-Body?

Monique was there for me as a High-Vibrational Channel , Medium, Transformational Healer, and of course Spiritual Soulmate and Friend during a major transitional phase in my life. Her Multi-Dimensional abilities are True Gifts of Spirit.
~Janette R.,
San Clemente
I am so grateful for the reading I had with you. I have had many, many readings. My reading with you, I have to say was one of the very best! You were so accurate and you gave me so much information and confirmation! I felt all of your information came straight from Spirit and my Loved Ones. Words really can't express how wonderful it was for me.
~Melinda K.,
Laguna Niguel

Dear Friend ~


My name is Monique Hemingway and I welcome you to my website. I am a Psychic, Medium, Channel and Healer. In a reading I use my abilities to hear, see and feel Spirit to deliver messages for you. 


Healing Transformation begins as I connect you to your guides, angels, teachers and loved ones. They wish to envelop you in their Love and bring forth guidance and healing messages for your highest good. Allow them to illuminate you with Light bringing you to a place of acceptance, harmony and inner peace. I work in tandem with Spirit and together we create a healing symphony of Light which will rejuvenate your Soul.


Namaste ~



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