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To book a session:

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Psychic Readings

~ In Person or by Phone ~


I will tune into your energy and connect with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit. I will bring through their messages for you as well as any guidance they wish to offer.

You may ask questions during the session or ask for insight on any particular situations in your life.


All sessions are private and strictly confidential. I will digitally record your session for an additional charge of $10. You can add this item to your cart.

~ 30 Minute in Person or by Phone - $125  (via Paypal - $129)

~ 30 Minute in Person or by Phone / Saturday - $200  (via Paypal - $207)


~ 60 Minute in Person or by Phone - $225  (via Paypal - $232)

~ 60 Minute in Person or by Phone / Saturday - $300  (via Paypal - $309)

Energetic Healings

~ In Person or by Phone ~


I am a certified Vibrational Energetic Healer and a Reiki Master. Reiki is a gentle, hands-on and/or distance healing technique to reduce stress, relieve pain and facilitate healing.


Vibrational Energetic Healing consists of laying hands upon key areas of the body (in-person sessions) with the intent to get the energy flowing so healing can occur. If you choose an in-person session, you will lie upon a healing table, full clothed.

If you opt for a phone session, the same healing intentions and energies will be transmitted. In either case, I will be guided by Spirit to focus on areas in your body or Chakra centers that need clearing and/or balancing.


Our chakras can hold on to emotions, trauma, beliefs and past experiences. It is of vital importance to keep your energy centers clear and healthy for optimal well-being. I may be guided to use crystals, oils, incense and sounds to enhance the healing session.


Reiki is deeply relaxing and restorative. At the end of the session I will discuss your treatment and any information I intuitively received.

All sessions are private and strictly confidential. I will digitally record your session for an additional charge of $10. You can add this item to your cart.

~ 90  - 120 Minute in Person or by Phone - $300  (via Paypal - $309)

~ 90  - 120 Minute in Person or by Phone / Saturday - $375  (via Paypal - $387)

Spirit Channeling

~ In Person or by Phone ~


I channel several non-physical loving entities. One, whose name is 'Willow', is a high-dimensional being and usually comes through for channeled sessions. 'Adorna' is from the Angelic realm and usually channels during energy healing sessions. 


When I channel I meditatively put myself into a deep trance and I set my consciousness aside to allow these beautiful beings to speak,express and work through me. The key word is allow.


I give these beings permission to emanate their vibration through my energy field and I act as the conduit for them. My voice and words are different because I am not there, as I have put my consciousness to the back so theirs can come forward through my vocal chords. This starts a deep energetic process and healing for you at conscious and unconscious levels.


Channeling is not just about the words spoken but also the energy that comes through with the messages. The energies and messages work at all levels of your being to give you a higher perspective of your journey and challenges here on Earth.


A channeled session is a bit different than a Psychic Reading. The High-level Beings that assist are not interested in giving predictions or dealing with mundane concerns. They deal with deeper level Soul issues and the healing of Soul wounds.


They may bring up world issues, past lives, help clear emotional blocks, reveal more of your life’s purpose, clear chakras, activate deep emotional processing and facilitate in your spiritual development.

All sessions are private and strictly confidential. I will digitally record your session for an additional charge of $10. You can add this item to your cart.

~ 60 Minute in Person or by Phone - $250  (via Paypal - $258)

~ 60 Minute in Person or by Phone / Saturday - $325  (via Paypal - $335)

Energetic House Clearing

Please Contact Monique for In-Home Custom Pricing and Scheduling

~ In Person Only ~


Our houses are filled with energy, most of the time it is all the good, yummy stuff.


However, sometimes we can experience energy that does not feel “right”, or feels "heavy" or “negative”. This energy can be from previous tenants, from trauma that happened in a home, even from arguments and negative people. That heavy energy can get trapped and stagnant making us feel uncomfortable or unable to relax in our own home.


Sometimes our homes can even host ghosts. There is a difference between a Spirit and a ghost. A Spirit is a Soul who has passed on and knows they are deceased. They have transitioned to the Light. They are a loving vibration and they come visit us sometimes. Most welcome this, as usually they are our loved ones stopping in to say “Hello”.


A ghost on the other hand is a deceased person who has not fully transitioned to the Light. Sometimes out of fear or sometimes they don’t even realize they have died. They are in fact trapped between the Earthly realm and the Spirit realm.  Usually they are not harmful, but can be annoying and cause disturbances.


In a house clearing, my partner, Jana, and I will grid your house with crystals and call upon Angels to assist us in creating positive energy in your home.  We go room to room, shifting the vibration and raising it to Love and Light with chants, crystals, oils and incense. We literally perform a healing on the space.  


If you are experiencing ghosts or disturbance in your home, I will tune in and communicate with them asking them who they are, why they are there and what they want, etc. I will inform them that it is time to move on. Then I call on my guides and angels to escort them to the other side.  


Once the home is cleared, we end with a ceremony to “seal” the new, higher vibration.


Your First Session with Monique




Some nervousness is expected but all you need do is show up. Your guides, angels and departed loved ones will arrive with you eager to participate. Relax, and keep your heart and mind open. Monique does the rest!  Of course if you have questions you might want to write them down beforehand so you don't forget. All sessions are private and confidential and conducted in the highest of Light and Integrity.

Booking with Monique


Please use the Book My Session buttons above to schedule your session at her private office in San Clemente, California, or to arrange a reading by phone. Monique will contact you to confirm within 24-48 hours. Once you have confirmed your appointment with Monique, you may pay online via Paypal using the Cart in Monique's Shop. You may also pay with cash, check or Venmo.

What to know before you book your Psychic Reading, Energetic Healing or Spirit Channeling with Monique


Monique offers sessions by appointment only and she is available weekdays and select Saturdays (premium rates apply) at her office in San Clemente, California as well as by phone. Please note that she books up for at least a week in advance. Please plan ahead so that you can book your choice appointment dates and times!! There are rare cases when Monique can do an Emergency Phone Session, which can be scheduled HERE.


Appointments for In-Person or Phone sessions must be booked and paid for at least 48 hours in advance. NOTE: Your payment officially reserves your appointment. Accepted forms of payment include credit card (via Paypal only - this includes a minimum processing fee), cash, check, or Venmo. If you choose to mail a check or money order, it must be received 48 hour prior to your appointment; please Contact Monique if you are paying cash. It is recommended that you pay as soon as you book your appointment to ensure that it is not reserved for someone else. Again, your payment is your reservation.


Please note, people who do not show up for their appointments are responsible to pay for that session time IN FULL, since it is impossible to get another client into that space on short notice. You must give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.


Please arrive on time and refrain from alcohol or recreational drug use 24 hours before your session.

There are rare cases when Monique can do an Emergency Phone Session. These sessions are charged at the same rates as the Saturday Sessions and must be paid for in advance. Please Contact Monique to set up your Emergency Phone Session.

***Gift Certificates are available.


***PLEASE NOTE: Paypal Fees will be added to your purchase.

"Her work has transformed my life. Monique is clear, direct and operates from a high place of integrity and compassion. I am so grateful to have come in contact with her, because the angels spoke directly to my soul. I heard exactly what I needed to & there was so much peace & gratitude & tears for all that came before. I am now learning how to live and I am free. Thank you Monique & thank you angels!"
~ Anne B.. San Francisco

My sincere desire is to be able to connect with you as our paths have crossed for a reason. I am a Lightworker and have been called to share my gifts with you, as they are meant to be shared.


You see, as you heal, so do I. We are all connected at energetic and etheric levels. As one heals themselves individually their vibration changes and creates a higher pulse of Light. This shift then reverberates throughout the Divine Matrix and all consciousness is affected. Thus we hold within us a very powerful tool of healing transformation both personally and for all.


Dear friend, I am honored to share this sacred, blessed work with you. I look forward to meeting you.


Until then....Love and Light to You Always in ALL ways! 


XOXO Monique

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