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All About Me

I have always been drawn to Metaphysical things all my life. I started reading books, taking classes and trying to expand my consciousness since I was 18.


As a young child I was always told I had an overactive imagination. Now I realize it was my gift of clairvoyance. My spiritual awakening began in 2002. After 6 miscarriages, I began doing shamanic work to uncover the blocks to my keeping a pregnancy. I also did extensive past life work, to bring in energy healing being held by past traumas in this life and in previous lives. Through this healing work I gave birth to a daughter, and 2 years later to a son. I was 41 and 43 when I delivered my children (after doctors labeled me too old!).


I have continued my spiritual journey and along the way I became a Reiki Master Healer. I have also discovered that I am a Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic and Channel. In 2010 I decided to explore my natural clairvoyant and psychic abilities and completed a 4-year Multidimensional Healer course. This was an intensive program where we concentrated on healing ourselves first and foremost.


In order to become a good Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel or Healer, you must first heal yourself and clear any blockages to your intuitive abilities. This allows Love and Light to flow in your work rather than your ego. I am committed to my ever evolving path of Light. I am looking forward to sharing with you the great Magic that will unfold.


Love and Light to YOU Always and in ALL Ways!

~ Monique ~

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