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House/ Office Clearing

Our houses are filled with energy, most of the time it is all the good, yummy stuff. However, sometimes we can experience energy that does not feel “right”, or feels "heavy" or “negative”.


This energy can be from previous tenants, from trauma that happened in a home, even from arguments and negative people. That heavy energy can get trapped and stagnant making us feel uncomfortable or unable to relax in our own home.


Monique will sense the energy and its source, and  call on Angels to clear it creating a peaceful atmosphere in your space. 


If there is an actual entitiy there, she will communicate wtih it to find out what it is doing there and call upon Angels to escort it out and into the Light.



Contact Monique for scheduling and pricing information.


Pricing varies according to home/office footage and situation.  Travel charges may apply.

House/ Office Clearing

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